Are you responsible for your health?

There’s an idea in certain circles that you’re 100% responsible by your health and whatever diseases may strike you.

In other words, if something happened to your health, it’s because YOU caused it.

This is a dangerous assumption. First, you need to put into context since this often does more harm than good, by placing you in a giant state of guilt.

The statement it’s partly correct in the sense that it’s your body, your lifestyle, behaviors and so forth.

There are plenty of preventable diseases only through lifestyle changes.

There are plenty more of preventable diseases and health issues only by energy awareness, removing of blocks and energy development.

But you can’t prevent everything.

There’s always a certain part of your health that you can’t control no matter how hard you try.

You can control having a good nutrition with good products, but there’s always a certain degree you can’t control.

You don’t really know how that product was made or how that cow was handled when it was alive.

And, good luck in living in a modern city eating only organic, clean food. As I’m sure you know, if you want to maintain a good social and/or professional life -, it means eating out often.

I’m sure bloggers and “instagram influencers” only go to organic vegan restaurants – that have very “instragrammable” dishes -, but if you live in the real world with real professional and social commitments, you’ll find it very hard to accomplish.

Particularly if you are constantly on the road.

(that’s also not an excuse for eating MacDonalds everyday!!)

So you always give up a certain degree of control.

There’s a degree of truth that we are responsible by what happens to our health. Certain things you can control, but you’ll never be 100% responsible and never be able to prevent or control everything.

If you get cancer, heart disease or a myriad of other diseases, maybe it was related to your lifestyle or certain vices you may have.

Or maybe it was genetic and you “activated” that gene through certain behaviors or your environment.

But, you also need to take into account, that in certain situations you couldn’t have done much to prevent it in your current state of development or in your current life.

I’m not free of developing a certain kind of disease or health condition regardless of my energy development, lifestyle, nutrition, and so on… and neither are you.

This is related to the many different factors that are involved in the process.

If there’s something life teaches you is that disease is part of it. Some of it you can avoid it, other you can’t.

You can prevent many, but not all.

How do you know the difference? How do you know what you can prevent and what you can’t?

Take responsibility for your own lifestyle and behaviors, do the best you can do considering your life situation, change what you can in your life to address certain risk factors BUT when something happens don’t dive into the guilt that you should have prevented it.

You don’t need a negative mental state in your recovery process.

You’ll need to keep in mind that you’ll never be able to prevent everything. You’re also not be able to control everything.

Keep growing, keep increasing the circle of what you can control, keep improving your lifestyle, keep knowing your body and energy… all of it will reduce the amount of health issues you are prone to BUT when something happens don’t dive into a state of guilt which won’t aid you in any way.

Accept it, learn from it, recover and move on!

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