Are you stagnated?

We are all guilty of staying within our comfort zones. Yet, some people are more guilty than others and constantly live in their comfort zone on all areas of their lives.

Nothing new, no new challenges, no new undertakings. Even despite not really enjoying what they currently do or feeling like they are missing on something.

The problem with this is that your growth will be stagnated. No new challenges implies that you aren’t really pushing yourself.

You are simply doing what you’ve always done, and because of it, no growth will come out of it. No new powers, no news skills.

Just the same old, same old.

Many of our current famous “entrepreneur heroes” could simply sell everything they have (or live from their profits), and go live the rest of their lives on a private island drinking coconut water and cocktails, while living in something similar to a playboy mansion.

No fusses, no problems… but also no challenges.

That’s why they don’t do it. They know they wouldn’t grow. Quite the opposite. They would get bored out of their minds.

They need the activity and the constant challenges.

That’s why they create new challenges for themselves: new businesses, philanthropic work, revolutionary ideas for the world, and so on.

On many cases, it’s not about the money any longer. It’s simply to continue their growth.

Why does Warren Buffett continues to work almost with 90 years old? Why didn’t he retired to a private island 40 years ago and lived the rest of his life on a beach? We all know he could surely afford it.

If he had done so, I’m sure he would be dead already. No challenges, no growth.

Yet, most of us don’t have that same drive. We get addicted to the comfort.

And comfort can really be addictive.

The worst part is when you get comfortable on a BAD place. You don’t really like that area of your life, but because it’s comfortable for you, you simply stay there to avoid the new challenges of moving out of it.

But, with it, you also don’t grow. Not only are you stuck on a bad place, but internally you are not growing.

You only grow by getting out of this comfort zone. By doing new things, things you aren’t used to doing.

So you need to ask yourself: Where are you living in your comfort zone? Take a look at the different areas of your life and notice where are you stuck in the same place. Particularly a bad place, or something that’s obviously so below your true potential.

How can you change this area of your life? How can you create a new challenge? How can you improve it?

I’m not saying for you to create new challenges everywhere all at once.

More often than not, when you disrupt and create new challenges in one area, everything else changes as well.

But don’t get stuck in a rut. Or even stuck in a comfortable private island. That’s not the way of growth.

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