Are you willing to do it?

I’ve often spoken with students that seem to have unrealistic expectations.

They seem to think that their goals will be achieved without taking action or actually doing what needs to be done.

Just some meditation or simple exercise will be needed for that.

But, a rule of thumb is: the more ambitious your goal is, the more action it requires.

In other words:

The higher you want to go, the more effort in you need to put in.

It’s not like you can build a billion dollar company without putting in the effort and the sleepless nights.

You don’t wake up one day and have a billion dollar company without A LOT of effort.

Also, you don’t become a “player” or a sexually magnetic individual, without a LOT of sexual interactions. And this can’t be done if you are home alone without meeting anyone.

It’s pretty much the same with any objective and it’s interesting how many people expect to achieve it without taking action or by taking minimal action during a short time window.

Granted that you also need “smart effort” and not taking actions for the sake of taking actions. But you can’t avoid a large effort for a large goal.

With that said, there’s no problem in setting ambitious objectives. Good for you, we need ambitious individuals!

Just to make sure you are also willing to do the necessary work!

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