Are your decisions based on fear or inner power?

We all want to have a perfect personal magnetism or sexual magnetism.

To be admired by everyone and influence anyone.

But perfection is impossible to attain. We can get very good, but not perfect.

And that’s ok!

It’s ok NOT to be perfect. It’s ok NOT to have a perfect inner power, sexual magnetism and so on.

It can even happen that at some moment the attention you get from your magnetism will be too much for your own taste and you want to tone it down.

And that’s perfectly fine.

You want to strive for improvement but also understand what is a good situation for you.

Most likely, you’ll understand it through trial and error. Your own experiences as you improve will tell you what you really prefer.

But there is a danger: in settling for less than what you want. You can say: “That’s good enough” to avoid your fears and breaking your limitations.

That’s a fear based reaction and not a decision based on true inner power.

The way I personally learned was going through the extremes.

Before I started my training, I was already on the extreme end of low magnetism. No attention and no ability to influence anyone.

It was not pleasant and I dreamed for better days that wouldn’t come.

But I also was on the other extreme of high magnetism. Lots of attention and high influential ability.

I got to say it was a lot better than being completely alone!

Yet, my personal preference is somewhat on a good middle ground where I can work on many other feats and be a lot happier.

But it was necessary to through these magnetic experiences. To go through the experience of being hit on by women on a daily basis, of having dozens of people wanting to hang out and high influential ability for my own projects. For someone who had zero magnetism before, it was simply mind-blowing!

Eventually you will settle down on a comfortable yet very pleasing situation for your own individual temperament, which may be to have hundreds of friends all around the world and be constantly on the move, or to pursue a simpler life.

But at least it will be a decision based on your own inner power and not on fear and avoidance.

This is what you want to seek. Go beyond your own limitations and fears. Experience what you haven’t experienced before. Then you will be able to decide – with inner power – what is the ideal situation for you.

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