Atkinson on Concentration – what exactly is it?

William Walker Atkison defines concentration and its importance very well on the below quote:

“What is concentration? Well, the dictionaries tell us that the word means the act or process of bringing or directing things toward a common center, and thereby condensing and intensifying the force of the thing. And that is the key-note of the word – that is the mental picture of it – this bringing forces to a common center.

One can best form a mental picture of the idea expressed in the word by thinking of a sun-glass which so concentrates the rays of the sun to a focus, or a common center, that their powers are intensified upon the spot so that they easily burn a hole through anything placed on the spot.

We can never expect to win out in anything unless we firmly concentrate our minds upon the thing we seek. We have got to make our mental picture of what we want, and then start in to desire it as hard as we are able to, and by so doing we will concentrate our attention and will upon that thing until something happens.

We must learn to concentrate our powers and Will upon the desired object, just as the sun-glass concentrates the rays of the sun upon the common focus.

We must learn to focus our energies upon the thing we want, and then to keep focus steady from day to day, never allowing ourselves to be side-tracked or swerved from our main object of desire, interest and Will.

The majority of people have little or no concentration, and they resemble the puppy-dog whose attention is attracted by first this thing and then another, and who runs from this thing to that, to and fro, not knowing what he wants long enough to get it, but continually wasting his energy in chasing things that have attracted the attention of the moment.”

That is the spirit that we want to transmit to you and train in you in the Concentration and Mind Control training.

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