Atkinson on Manifestation

William Walker Atkinson wrote:

“The occultists manfesting the greatest degree of Mental Influence acquire by practice this art of creating Mental Images of that which they wish to materialize.

They train their imagination in this way until the very act of creating the mental Image acts strongly toward the actual materialization of event, as “actually existing” in their minds before they attempt to concentrate their Thought-Waves upon the task of accomplishing it.

Then the Mental Picture, being completed and standing in strong outline, they focus their mental force through it, just as in the case of the magic lantern before referred to, and the picture is reproduced on the screen of mentally of other people.

You know the clearer a Mental Picture you possess of anything you want – the better you know just what you want – and the better you know the latter, the better able you are to take steps to get it. Many people go through life wanting “something”, but not really knowing “just what” they do want.

Is it any wonder that they do not realize or materialize their desires any better?

And the same thing holds well on the place of manifestation of Mental Influence. If one wishes to materialize anything by the use of the influence, is he not handicapped by a lack of Mental Image of just what he wants to materialize, and is he not helped very much by the creation of a mental “pattern” or plan in the shape of a mental picture, through and around which he may direct his thoughts-currents?”

There are many different and important points in this brief text, but I’ll bring your attention to three of them:

1) Atkinson tells you about two important steps of manifestation: the creation of a strong and detailed mental image AND bringing the energy into it. It’s not enough to simply visualize. You need energy behind it. In other words, you need to ENERGIZE your creations, otherwise, they won’t do anything.

2) The importance of being clear in your Mental Image and in knowing what you want. Most people have a very vague outline. No wonder they get nowhere close to it. The more specific and concrete you are, the better your odds will be.

3) Same rules of manifestation hold in the projection of energy with the goal of influence. Manifestation is bringing an idea or desire into the actual physical world. This is not different from mental influence… and same rules apply.

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