Attracting that one person

There’s an issue that sometimes arise during your practice and development of magnetism which is related to not being able to succeed in influencing or attracting a specific person.
That can be normal.
Although there can be other reasons for it, with some people you just don’t connect well. It’s like your energies don’t mix.
There’s an incompatibility between your energy and the other person.
You can’t have a deep conversation, or you can’t really go any further than day to day, small talk interactions.
It seems like there’s no energy circulating in that interaction.
Of course it can be because of some barriers (yours or the other person) that you can eliminate. If that’s the case, then naturally you can work on it.
But if it’s because an overall incompatibility of energy, then you’re much better of in letting go and moving on.
This is the best you can do in this situation, since pursuing down this path, even if you momentarily succeed in your goal, it’s not going to end well.
Adjusting and changing your own energy to match the other person, will only end up in a lot of frustration. You lose much of your own power.
Don’t get caught up with that ONE person. Move on and find someone (or some project) that matches your energy a lot closer.
You’ll be much better off in the long run.
Of course, needless to say that, if there’s a LOT of people you don’t connect well, then you need to re-visit your own energy.
This email refers to one person, not 20. If most people you meet, you don’t connect well, can’t attract or influence, then the problem is with your own magnetism.
Magnetism is indeed like a fragrance, and some people won’t like it. But we want this to be a minority. We want to create a blockbuster, not some kind of fringe fragrance that only a small niche population will like the smell.
That’s the goal of magnetism.
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