Avoiding the scattered mind

In these modern times, it’s quite common that our mind is scattered between 1000 different thoughts, projects, and ideas.

You may be doing one thing, but you’re already thinking about what to do next and what you should do the next day.

Consequently, you don’t focus on what you’re doing right now. Instead, your mind gets used to being scattered, not strictly concentrated, and focused on what you’re doing.

Maybe you open 100 different browser tabs at once, or your attention gets redirected often.

This means your Will gets sidetracked since your mind is running the show, not your Will.

I know this is not a “modern” approach, but the magnetic way of doing it, it’s doing one thing at a time. Whatever you are doing, you are totally and completely focused on it until you decide when to end it (either by the time allotted or the end of the task).

This way, you are training both your mind to stay focused and your Will to ignore the whining of your mind.

But this is not enough to do it every once in a while. No. It must be regular, daily, and hourly. It doesn’t matter if you are working or you are with your wife/husband or playing with your kids, or out with your friends.

Whatever you are doing, you are in it 100%. You are not with your friends and checking your Instagram notifications or replying to text messages. Be wherever you are, doing whatever you are doing.

This is not just a way to be more productive. It’s a way to train your mind to end the infinite cycle of “mental popups” and to allow your Will to run the show.

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