Be gone block

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Do energetic blocks come back? Is it possible that a block gets back to you even once you’ve unblocked it? Or is it that maybe, in that case, you have not unblocked that block in the first place?”

A block can come back, even if you have unblocked it correctly during the exercise.

So, even if you have done all the right things, it doesn’t mean that particular block will be gone forever.

You can think of blocks as learned reactions from the body. It’s a body and energetic conditioning.

Often, you need to de-condition your body to react in a certain way, so this means unblocking at different times and in different situations so that your body learns not to contract that particular area any longer.

The first step is to identify these persistent blocks (let’s say a contraction of the chest), then you need to recognize in which situations it pops up (let’s say when you see someone attractive to you), then you need to be aware during those situations and unblock that area when it pops up.

You’ll only be able to do this correctly after doing it at home. Otherwise, it will be hard to do all this when you’re in the middle of an interaction.

But if you are used to doing it, it only takes a few seconds.

That’s why you need some other deep unblocking sessions as we do in The Unblocking Process. They allow you to uncover these blocks in the first place and others that may not be so apparent in the first place, as well as practice letting go of them.

All this is done in a safe place, with no distractions and available time. By doing this repeatedly, you become ready to do it anytime, anywhere!

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