Becoming a living electro-magnet

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“The Mentative Force emanating from each individual creates a Mental Atmosphere around him which often extends a considerable distance from his body, especially in the case of strong individuals, whose Mental Atmosphere is felt when they enter a room or public place. Persons whose personality is weaker have a Mental Atmosphere extending only a few inches from their bodies, and which is scarcely perceptible to those coming in contact with them.

The man of Positive Individuality—our man who feels himself to be a “Living Electro-Magnet”—carries with him an aura of Mental Atmosphere of Positive Strength, which is plainly felt by those coming in contact with him. People say about such a man that he “has something about him” which impresses them, but which they fail to understand. It will be worth your while to study this Mental Atmosphere of some strong man with whom you come in contact, for now that you have the secret of the matter you may take some valuable lessons from him.

As I have said in my “Mental Magic:” “I cannot very well describe this ‘air’ to you, for unless you have met a man of this kind you will not understand it. But it is a very different thing from the pompous, self-sufficient, self-important, fussy air and demeanor manifested by the cheap imitators of these great men. The Magnetic Man does not tell you how great, or smart, or important he is—he leaves that for his cheap imitators; he makes you feel his strength by his very manner and atmosphere, without saying a word. He has that ‘something about him’ that people notice and wonder at. And that ‘something’ comes from his conscious or unconscious relation to the Universal Will.”

In the above paragraph I have pointed out to the student the kernel of the matter. The “little fellow” who thinks he is one of the “big ones” believes that his strength comes from his Personality, and sooner or later he trips himself up because of this error.

But the real “big ones” of life know better; they may not understand it all, but some way they feel that there is a “Something” back of them from which they are able to draw Strength and Power, and believing this, they are filled with Courage and Daring and radiate their Strength on all sides. They may talk of their “lucky star” or “special providence,” or else believe themselves to be “specially favored of God” (as is the case with at least one of the “big men” of modern finance), but no matter what may be their special interpretations of this “Something,” they all recognize its existence and trust to it. And this conviction and realization gives to the strong individuals that air of calm, positive Power and Self-Confidence that impresses those with whom they come in contact and which forms their Mental Atmosphere.

And in giving you instructions in the art of building for yourselves a positive Mental Atmosphere I can do no better than to refer you back to first principles and again bid you to realize that you are a Dynamic Focus—a Centre of Force—in the great Universal Will, having the dual attribute of Will-Power and Desire-Force. In short, that you are A Living Electro-Magnet.”

That’s what we train and develop in Charisma School. Becoming this “Living Electro-Magnet” that Atkinson refers to!

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