Becoming a Will Master

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“Here, in a nutshell, is the distinction between the Will Slave and the Will Master: The average person is moved to Will activity by the forces of Feeling, Affection and Desire—the strongest Desire-motive always winning the day.

Those who have arrived at a scientific understanding of the subject, however, know that while it is true that the strongest Desire always wins the battle, nevertheless, it is equally true that the strength of Feeling, Affection and Desire is directly proportionate to the strength of the Ideas or Ideals animating it.

Consequently, by the skillful employment of Attention (itself one of the principal weapons of Will) in the direction of holding in consciousness a certain set of Ideas or Ideals, one may cause these Ideas or Ideals to energize the set of feelings and desires associated with them, and at the same time to weaken the opposite set of feelings and desires.

By the control of the Attention, the “I AM I,” through the Will, is able to control Feeling and Desire, to make them act as his servants, and thus to attain to the mastery of Will. By the scientific employment of Ideas and Ideals, through the Attention, you may control, direct, and master the activities of the Conative Will. But, as we have said, the average person has not even the faintest glimmering of this truth—and, as a consequence, such person remains throughout his life a Will Slave instead of becoming a Will Master.”

Those enrolled in the Will Mastery will know exactly how this is one, and can become Will Masters!

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