Becoming the light in the center of the room

A few days ago we discussed the creation of your own unique magnetism. How, regardless of many people doing the same training, there will never be magnetic clones walking around.

You create your own unique magnetism regardless of doing the same training program that thousands of people may have done.

In theory, if everyone in the world did the same magnetic training program and became magnetic, there won’t ever be two persons alike with the exact same magnetism and energy projection.

For me that’s a great thing.

You see… When you are interacting with a magnetic man you have a certain pleasurable feeling to it.

You feel better than before. Your energy shifts.

He shared with you something energetically very valuable. The effects in you won’t last forever, but it feels good in that moment and a few moments after. And then you remember about the good effect this magnetic person had in you.

You are left with a great impression of that interaction.

So, when you actually become a magnetic man, you are sharing your energy with the world. With all those around you.

Much better than being a vampiric person who is feeding off someone else’s energy and make them feel WORSE than before.

Becoming magnetic creates a certain richness in your interactions.

You aren’t worried about what to talk about, what to say, what techniques to use to get to a certain point. You are sharing your presence and your magnetism with those around you.

That’s very comfortable – at least for me.

It’s a change of paradigm where you can be yourself and share your energy, and you know the person will be better off by simply being around you.

Less technique, more “beingness”.

You’re not a wallflower that no one notices any longer. You are the light in the center of the room.

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