Becoming the producer of sexual energy

I’m sure you have experienced the situation of feeling energetic neediness. The feeling of either of being an energetic vampire, and/or the feeling of being targeted by one.
It’s very common with sexual energy – but it’s not exclusive to it.
You may feel the need to “grab” the sexual energy of someone else. They have something you need.
Maybe that someone has a strong sexual magnetism that elicits in you that desire, or maybe your own uncontrolled sexual desire has taken ahold of your mind and behavior. Either way, you are being driven by an energy instead of being you driving that energy.
But how does this neediness works?
Every time you seek sexual energy on the outside, you are creating neediness and vampiric energy.
Someone has something that you don’t have and absolutely need.
What you train in Charisma School in Sexual Energy Mastery and other trainings is radically opposed to that.
We train in welcoming and accepting the sexual energy inside of you. In achieving pleasure and satisfaction in your own sexual energy so much that you want to SHARE it to the outside.
So you’re no longer NEEDING something from others. Instead you are SHARING it!
Notice how this fundamentally changes the paradigm of most men out there that are desperately seeking to have sex. So they are needing it to get from the external world.
When you become sexually magnetic, the fun comes from sharing this sexual energy with others, instead of taking it.
You become the sexual dynamo, the sexual source that other people seek. Instead of being the consumer of sexual energy, you become the producer.
That’s the goal we develop overall in our sexual energy approach.

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