Before you say a word, everyone already felt your energy

When you enter a room, before you say a word, everyone inside already felt your energy.

Whether they are conscious of it or not, they already know whether they will like you or not or whether they will fall in love with you or not.

And you do the exact same process with everyone else around you.

The way your hair is styled or how you are dressed, is all secondary to how your energy feels to others.

Sure, it matters that you don’t look (or smell) like a hobo, but between two normally dressed individuals, the one with the most appealing energy will always win.

And if you have an energy with a negative quality… well… good luck to you!

Your energy is your most important business card. The most important way others (unconsciously) decide how they feel about you.

It instantly telegraphs to others a bunch of information about yourself.

Those with good energy awareness will know it CONSCIOUSLY and react accordingly. But, for most of others, they will simply unconsciously react.

Being able to know who you will get along with and who you are compatible with – in different levels – is a great skill to have.

But this information is not logically accessible to you. Although you may rationalize it later (“he is a programmer/lawyer/plumber just like me”), this information came to you through your energy first.

You felt first, rationalize it later.

Just like most of your decisions and behaviors.

That’s why a deep connection to your energy is a priceless attribute to have.

You reduce your unconscious behaviors, and increase your WILLFUL behaviors.

When you are aware of what you are feeling and you react CONSCIOUSLY with this information in mind, naturally you get a much deeper connection with your being and with what you are supposed to be doing in life.

Not only that, but your connections with others are a lot easier.

If you can immediately know who will be a good fit for you – whether in business or in a sexual area – your life is a lot easier.

It’s not hard to imagine why.

If you simply know that you’re going to be sexually and romantically compatible with someone before you even say a word to him or her, it takes the guesswork and failure out of the equation.

That’s why I recommend the Vitality and Energy Training to anyone who wants to develop this important energetic awareness. It’s our best training for this important skill!

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