Being a monk

A student once mentioned this quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“Any exercise or work that excites the mind stimulates the senses, calls the emotions and appetites into action, confuses, terrifies or emotionalizes, weakens the power of concentration. This is why all kinds of excitement is bad. This is the reason why persons who drink strong drinks, who allow themselves to get into fits of temper, who fight, who eat stimulating food, who sing and dance and thus develop their emotions, who are sudden, vehement, and emotional, lack the power to concentrate.”

And then asked:

“Can excitement really be a negative influence in concentration? If so, how can I keep it balanced? I love feeling happy and excited, I get excited and happy a lot. Is it a leak of will and concentration as the book states it is?”

If you are significantly training your concentration, then yes, it can be a leak. Buddhists and Yogis mention this very same thing.

Now, fortunately, for our practical magnetic purposes, I don’t consider it – and that’s why I don’t mention it in any training. Even Buddhist monks don’t follow this strictly. If you’ve ever been in an informal company with some of them, you can see it first hand.

Above all, we want to live in the real world – not isolated from society, training our concentration and meditation.

And, just like you, I also love to feel excited and happy (which is good for magnetism).

As good as deep concentration can be, the world would be pretty dull if we couldn’t feel excited.

Not to mention that NOT feeling emotions (or blocking their projection) is one of the biggest problems for many students wanting to be magnetic.

Hence, Atkinson is, of course, an author of reference that I have studied in depth and frequently post his quotes in this newsletter, but as always, we have to adjust everything to our daily lives and personal goals.

If your goal is to train concentration as profoundly as possible, then this advice may be needed. Otherwise, if your goal is to use concentration to enhance your daily life and improve your magnetism, then you need to adjust this practice.

In Charisma School, we always focus on developing magnetism and living in the real world. Not in a cave or isolation from society. Whatever we do must be combined with the natural, healthy development of our social and daily life.

To develop a “healthy” and magnetic concentration, start with the training:
>>> Concentration and Mind Control

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