Being distracted and a procrastinator is a habit. In the same way, being concentrated and focused is also a habit.

Both of them are habits of the mind.

Your mind got synced and tuned to a particular way of functioning that gives a certain reward.

If your mind is tuned to being a procrastinator or distracted, it means your mind enjoys the leisurely brain waves that accompany this distraction. It’s a pleasurable feeling in some way.

But, the same way, your mind can be trained to enjoy the enthusiastic brain waves that come with being fully focused in what you are doing.

They are both habits of the mind. Habitual mental states your mind wants to be in.

But you are choosing these habits every single minute of your day.

You are choosing to reward your distracted state and not to reward your fully focused and concentrated state.

Yet, the latter can bring you so many more benefits.

Not just in terms of personal magnetism – where concentration is a an important training.

But also in normal worldly success.

I doubt many good things will happen to you by being distracted, even though there are exceptions everywhere.

A distracted and procrastination state of mind can only lead you to a path of downfall. It doesn’t take too much to conclude this.

A distracted mind can’t choose on what it will focus on. It will be focused on the current wind direction.

While it may be fun when you are holidays, if you have this as your standard mental state, then it will be impossible to set and establish some goals, that rely on establishing your focus and direction and also on being aware of your actions and behaviors.

For example:

You may want to have more fulfilling relationships, so how much of your daily attention is on caring about other people, on listening to them, on setting out the time to be with them? And how much of your daily actions and focus are actually in that direction?

Or you may want more money in your life, so how much of your daily attention is on investing or on building a business or in generally understanding the language of money? And how much of your daily actions and focus are actually in that direction?

Many people want to achieve certain goals and objectives in life… yet many times, their focus and their actions are on a precisely different subject. It’s the wind direction that day.

The power of focus coupled with actions and behaviors in that direction is extremely powerful to achieve what you want out of life.

Don’t neglect it.

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