Being energetically compatible

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can you be more energetically compatible with someone?”

Yes, you can.

It’s not any groundbreaking new insight that you get along with some people more than others. This can happen on any level, personal, professional and sexual.

I’m sure you’ve met someone who you hit it off right away, while others you tend to dislike almost straight away.

A magnetic individual will have this positive effect very often. While someone who is overall repulsive, will be disliked much often.

But, you’ll also have individual compatibility on different energetic levels.

Most likely you’ve had a girlfriend/boyfriend whom you were extremely sexually compatible, while with other you were much more compatible emotionally (but not that much in the sexual aspect).

Or maybe you’ve had someone who you love hanging out with as friends, but you had a horrible time when trying to work with him/her.

This happens because the energy of someone changes in these different scenarios. Most likely (or at least I hope!) you’re not the same person when you’re having sex with someone than you are when you are working.

The energy is different, the context is different, the emotions are different.

This requires an energetic compatibility as well.

As you unblock different situations and your internal energetic flow, you’ll see your magnetism flowing much better overall, and naturally you end up having a lot more “energetic matches”.

While when your energy is stuck, blocked and won’t flow overall, it will be hard to have so many “energetic matches”.

But you can also focus on one specific person who you want to be more compatible on some level – of course we all know that you’re thinking about sexually compatibility.

So probably your next question might be: “Can you fake it? Can you make yourself more compatible to that one person?”

Yes, you can.

First you need to make sure you’re not overall repulsive and that your (sexual) magnetism is strong. Nothing will come out of this without this overall great energy in you.

Then once you understand energy, you can give it different qualities. These different qualities will have different reactions in the persons that you interact with.

You can become compatible to someone simply by allowing yourself to project the energy that this person is more attracted to.

This is, of course, an advanced energetic technique. A great and powerful one that’s true, but advanced nonetheless.

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