being in a corner and still be magnetic

Many students believe that you can be on a corner of a room, alone, not saying anything and still attract and be magnetic.

Although that can happen… there’s specific requirements for it.

I’ll explain in detail.

We would all love that idea of not doing anything, and simply get what we want.


Two points:

1) This only happens if you are already magnetic. If your energy is already infused with the energy you want to attract. Then, indeed, you don’t need to do that much.

The problem is that most students who aim to do that aren’t yet magnetic. So sitting on a corner is mostly due to fear and anxiety rather than a solid magnetic energy.

It’s about avoidance, not magnetism.

And when that is the case, the results will obviously not be good.

You can’t expect to have your whole energy withdrawn and contracting, and still attract and be magnetic… regardless if you are in a corner or if you are speaking with everyone around you.

Once your energy changes, it doesn’t really matter where you are sitting or what you do.

It’s about your energy.

2) the second aspect is about opportunities for projection

If you are in a corner and no one sees you and your magnetism isn’t that strong, you simply don’t have opportunities for your projection to come through.

Not your voice, or your touch, or your gaze (particularly if you are looking at the floor!).

If your magnetism isn’t that strong (yet!), then you need to seek opportunities to project. And staying alone in a corner isn’t one.

You aren’t projecting anything, even if you think you are. The more you interact, the more opportunities you’ll have to project your magnetism.

Magnetism is indeed not dependable on whether you are actually speaking or not. You can be magnetic by not saying a single word. That’s true.

Yet, if you are afraid to interact verbally, or anxiety is stopping you, my educated guess is that your non-verbal projection will also be bad.

The important part is the energy, then you can do whatever you want, as long as it’s not based on a negative emotion or a negative energy movement.

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