Being Magnetic and Lazy

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“There are people who are Magnetic but are very lazy and entitled, of course mostly those who develop personal magnetism naturally. Why is this so?”

This can happen, although not that common.

It’s much more common to find magnetic people in higher positions, and they are rarely lazy.

The most important concept to remember is that:

Magnetism is an energy quality, not a personality one.

You can be lazy and still be magnetic. Yet, as you’ve seen, this happens mostly to those who were already born magnetic.

If you were born with this magnetic energy quality (or naturally developed it during your early years), you won’t need to train or learn it.

Anything you do will be just fine since your unconscious is already pre-formatted to project magnetism.

You are able to see this very clearly in famous singers or actors.

In these examples, even if they weren’t born magnetic, they were “forced” to develop it. If you have a whole stadium chanting your name on a daily basis, you’ll also develop this magnetic quality pretty quickly.

And it won’t necessarily be associated to any type of behavior from them.

But… if – like me – you weren’t born with it nor do you have people chanting your name, you need to train it.

This is where you need to develop Will, Inner Power and this energetic awareness.

It’s a cheat code that allows you achieve the same energy quality those singers and naturally magnetic individuals have without any of the impossible to have conditions.

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