Being strong instead of weak

Here’s a quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“In a preceding chapter, I have stated that the mental phase of personal magnetism consists of two coordinated manifestations of mental power, the first of which was “the holding of certain mental states until the mental atmosphere becomes charged with the vibrations of the particular mental states.” Let us now consider what are these “certain mental states” which are to be held.

In the first place, these “mental states” are not so much any set of particular thoughts, but rather are stated mental attitudes in relation to oneself and the outer world of men. A man’s mental attitude, if firmly defined and as firmly held, impresses itself upon everything around the man. His looks grow to conform; his voice; his walk; his general appearance; all grow to reflect his inner states of mind. Moreover, his mental atmosphere becomes so charged with certain vibrations that those who come in contact with the man actually feel his mental attitude, and adjust themselves to it.

Who of us cannot recall the “so meek and humble,” Uriah Heep mental attitude manifested by some persons of our acquaintance? Who does not remember having actually felt the sneaky, foxy mental attitude of certain other persons? And who can forget the bold, masterful, mental attitude of certain successful men in our field of business acquaintance? Each of these classes is possessed of a mental atmosphere, which reveals itself at once to us, when we meet them.

I need scarcely urge upon you the importance of producing in yourself the most desirable kind of personal atmosphere. And, as I have said, the mental atmosphere is the direct result of the mental attitude of the person, and reflects the same inevitably. Of course, the mental attitude of a person is composed of a variety of beliefs, opinions, views, ideals, etc., and must of necessity be of a somewhat mixed character. In the case of the majority of persons, the personal atmosphere lacks force and character because of a lack of any particular mental color. But, in the case of the strong individuals of the race, it will be found that there is always a strong fixed mental attitude – a strong desire which colors all the thought; a powerful ambition which gives tone to all the rest; or a firm resolve which fires the entire mental character. This strong vibration is carried out into the personal atmosphere, and its influence is felt, and men react thereto.

In a general way, mental attitudes may be divided into two classes, viz.: (1) positive and (2) negative.

It is difficult, at first, to give the keynote of each of these two classes of mental attitude, but I call your attention to the words of an American writer, in this connection who well says: “That which tends to render one strong, is positive; that which tends to render him weak, is negative.” I do not think that I can improve on this definition, and I advise you to adopt it, and to measure your mental attitudes by that standard.

By all means cultivate and develop the positives, and restrict the negatives, in your mental make-up so that, in the end, your mental attitude may be “positive” instead of “negative” – strong instead of weak.”

I recommend that you carefully read and think about these words.

It may seem quite obvious to cultivate a mental attitude that makes you strong and discard, which tends to render you weak. But yet, we don’t necessarily do it. Why?

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