The biggest block of sexual energy

One of the biggest stumbling blocks of students of sexual energy is its natural external projection.

Learning how to feel and developing your sexual energy is only the first part of the process. The second part is externalizing it and projecting it.

Making sure others are feeling it and not just you.

Feeling and developing sexual energy tends to be a very internal process.

It’s energetic in nature and involves sharpening your awareness.

Externalizing or projecting sexual energy is different.

Your awareness is already developed, now you need to work with your sources of projection.

In other words, now that you are perfectly aware of sexual energy, can you put it out there?

Some students automatically and intuitively grasp it once sexual energy is felt inside of them. They have no blocks in their voice, gaze, face and so on.

But sometimes, due to your own personal idiosyncrasies, it might not be so easy.

If you are putting up an unconscious (or conscious) effort into blocking these sexual projections, then developing sexual magnetism is impossible.

Your sexual energy may be flowing nicely inside of you, but there is a barrier stopping it from being felt on the outside.

And this is a situation that need to be handled if you want to be sexually magnetic.

That will be the topic of the third Charisma School training on sexual energy.

More information next week.

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