blocking out emotions

We may have a strong magnetism, a good inner power but sometimes our emotions get out of balance. Most of the situations due to some life event.

That’s part of life.

For me that’s a good thing, even if it reduces your inner power and magnetism for a while.

You are not a robot. You can have strong inner power, strong magnetism and still feel and be a human with weaknesses.

We’re all part of it. You can certainly block everything out, but it will also block other important aspects of the experience of being human.

Being magnetic means that you’re also open to feel your emotions deeply.

And sometimes you lose balance with it.

Now there are two keys in this:

1) The first key is in knowing how to re-balance yourself once more.

Life becomes a constant balancing act where you sometimes can lose your balance but then regain it again. Knowing HOW to regain it, what you can do is essential to keep playing.

You won’t maintain constantly the same state of inner power, but you must sure understand what you can do to get it back if you lose it.

2) and the second key is in knowing yourself.

If you’re constantly out of balance it will be quite hard to develop inner power, so knowing what throws you out of balance is crucial to reduce most of these situations… particularly if they are frequent.

You start to understand your triggers and be more attentive to when they happen, so that you can reduce those that you want to reduce.

Let’s say it’s road rage, most likely this is something that throws you off. You will need to understand your triggers and work with them.

But for example, there’s no need to understand any further about the triggers of being sad when someone close to you dies. That’s simply normal.

Understanding this (apparently obvious) difference is crucial.

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