Blocking your own projection (Part 1)

One of the most common way individuals block their magnetism is through their own thinking.

This is common both in personal magnetism and in sexual magnetism. It happens in both types of situations.

I’m sure that either you’ve experienced it, or you’ve read other people’s experience about getting stuck into their heads.

What happens here is a blockage of the energy flow by too much thinking or by an eagerness of doing everything right.

When you are constantly inside your own head, you (unconsciously) create several energy blocks. It’s like all the energy gets stuck inside the head, and it can’t circulate through the rest of the body.

It gets stuck in that small area of the body.

(hint for Become a Sexual Man students: that’s one of the reasons for the lowering of the center of consciousness)

Very often you can even see it – or feel it – in others.

We call it “Self-Awareness Block”, since this is very much a problem of too much self-awareness.

But you can say: “but isn’t self-awareness supposedly good?”

And, before you misunderstand me, yes it is. Awareness of our own thinking, feeling, behaviors, energetic flow, is one of the best tools we have at our disposal as I repeatedly wrote before.

Then why does it create blocks?

It only creates blocks when you are hyper-aware WITH restriction and/or control.

This is very common in job interviews, public speaking, dates or similar types of situations. You can immediately recognize those who are not very experienced in those situations since they are hyper-aware with a lot of self-imposed restrictions as to what they can/can’t do or say.

On those situations, many people are hyper aware as to what the situation is, what they are feeling, what they are saying and so on… as well as, keeping an undue amount of tension for the fear of saying the wrong thing.

As you might expect, this creates a tight leash in your energy flow.

It gets stuck in the head – and often in other body areas as well. It also frequently may cause headaches, migraines or vertigo (as it caused me!).

So people with too much thinking or self-awareness and too much self-restriction/control, will inevitably block any type of projection, whether of sexual energy or tension energy or any type of energy.

What is the solution?

It will be thoroughly described on the next email!

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