Blocks on your projection

There’s a rule that you need to keep in mind when you want to attract someone to you, in a sexual way:

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual

I’ve mentioned this before and it’s never enough to say it again and explain it better, simply because it’s the most important rule you can have in all attraction.

When you are sexual, you are projecting sexuality, and it’s inevitable that people around you feel sexual (when your projection is strong enough).

Who would have known that you would have to make someone feel sexual to have sex? *ironic remark*

For me it’s perfectly logical, but yet, it doesn’t seem very logical for most people. And although I also fully understood it, in the past, I wasn’t putting it into practice.

Yes, I knew that you would need to be sexual, yet, I was blocking out all my projections of sexuality. And this is also what happens with those students who find it hard to get attraction.

On many situations, it’s not even about moving the sexual energy inside. This internal work is something that you can do on your own, at home without any pressure. You can remove the sexual blocks that were preventing the energy from moving and it’s an important work that we do in Sexual Energy Mastery.

But then there’s also the external part. Which is when you are actually with people, outside. What’s happening then?

What happens when you are interacting with someone you are attracted to?

Are you playing it cool? Are you being as neutral as possible?

More often than not, that’s creating a large sexual block that simply doesn’t allow your sexual energy to come through.

You may want to attract someone, but you are blocking it at the same time – maybe it’s due to fear that someone feels your sexual energy, or maybe it’s because of the uncomfortable feeling you get when being sexual in an interaction.

Either way, if you can move, feel and enjoy your sexual energy in your whole body when you’re at home alone, during the practices, then this issue is related to a block in your own projection. You need to be able to project sexuality no matter what, regardless of the situation.

That’s what we handle and work on the training: Become a Sexual Man

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