Be careful of what you think and talk

Here’s an interesting quote from Prentice Mulford, a popular New Thought author:

“We need to be careful of what we think and talk. Because thought runs in currents as real as those of air and water. Of what we think and talk we attract to us a like current of thought. This acts on mind or body for good or ill.

If thought was visible to the physical eye we should its currents flowing to and from people. We should see that persons similar in temperament, character and motive are in the same literal current of thought.

We should see that the person in a despondent and angry mood was in the same current with others despondent or angry, and that each on in such moods serves as an additional battery or generator of such thought and is strengthening that particular current.

We should see these forces working in similar manner and connecting the hopeful, courageous and cheerful with all others hopeful, courageous and cheerful.

When you are in low spirits or “blue” you have acting on you the thought current coming from all others in low spirits.

You are in oneness with the despondent order of thought. The mind is then sick. It can be cured, but a permanent cure cannot always come immediately when one has long been in the habit of opening the mind to this current of thought.”

Remember that thought here encompasses a large range of phenomenons. The verbal thoughts you think in your mind are only one aspect of it. Your mental images, your energy, your mental state are others – also very important – aspects that you have to take into consideration when reflecting on this quote.

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It’s not about the technique, it’s about being!

The harder part for most people to understand about magnetism is that this is a change of their core self. That’s what you are doing in all Charisma School trainings.

It’s not about learning strategies to do something… is to internally change to become a magnetic individual.

It’s not a set of techniques and exercises, but instead, all these exercises are simply a vehicle that facilitate and pinpoint the change you need.

The exercises are not magical. They elicit a certain state inside of you. They awaken a different side of you. That’s their purpose.

The same with the techniques. They help you get into a certain state of mind required to achieve a certain goal.

But the most important thing is the way you are inside. That’s the REAL change.

It’s not about how many techniques you know and how many you can use. Or how many exercises you can do. I care about your energy, your being. Has it transformed? Have you truly got it?

Think about this way: let’s say that I’ve made a bet to see who can influence someone to do something. To get someone to buy you a drink.

On one side I teach the most powerful influential technique I know to someone who is not yet magnetic. On the other side, we have Bill Clinton or any naturally magnetic individual (on a place where no one knows him). Who will win?

My money will be 100% on Bill Clinton. I know he will win hands down.

He incorporated the principles of magnetism on his own being. Magnetism flows effortlessly in him.

That’s our goal!

Don’t get me wrong, techniques and exercises are important (otherwise I wouldn’t teach them). But they are a means to an end. You need to see past them to get to the magnetic energy and true internal change.

Use the techniques, use the exercises, but look beyond them. What are you accomplishing with this specific exercise? Where do you want to get at? What do you need to change inside to get to this effortless magnetic state?

It’s never about the technique, it’s about being!

The magnetism of Mike Tyson’s trainer – Cus D’Amato

Here’s an extremely interesting piece of information and recommendation that a long time student sent me:

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of Cus D’Amato – the genius and legendary trainer of Mike Tyson – but now I FULLY grasped his Philosophy. Thanks to your Energy training and last Will course.
I can now apply his Philosophy of FEAR through your Energy and Will trainings/methods. This is a major breakthrough that will transform my life once this quarantine is over.

Everything he’s been saying fits into your Energy and Will training.

In case you’ve never heard of Cus D’Amato – I’m sure you’d be interested in learning about him since he was actually an unrecognized MASTER of Personal Magnetism. He was seen by Mike Tyson doing Classical Gaze Experiments. He claimed that he could influence the course of a fight in his favor through his Will. He was truly a Master Mind.
Here’s a excerpt from his biography by Mike Tyson about him doing a Classical Gaze Experiment:

“When Cus had his gym on 14th Street, he would take his binoculars and look out the window and pick out someone at random who was walking on the sidewalk below. Then he’d give them what he called “The Look.” And with his powers of concentration he would be able to make that guy stop, look around, cross the street, whatever he wanted them to do. He was practicing telepathy. I actually saw him do this shit.”

I highly recommend his biography “Iron Ambition”, the man was fascinating.”

I wasn’t aware of Cus D’Amato as I don’t follow boxing, but examples of magnetic individuals are everywhere. Boxing is no exception… quite the opposite. My guess is that you’ll find plenty of examples in there since you need a strong Will to succeed.

After having watched and observed Cus D’Amato a bit more and recognizing exactly what this student was mentioning, I decided to share this recommendation with you as well.

It’s particularly interesting that he uses the very same technique that all students of Magnetic Gaze Foundations have learned. Watching Mike Tyson talk about a Magnetic Gaze technique surely puts things into perspective.

And, without knowing anything about this man, I will go on a limb and say that the motivations for doing this exercise were different for him than for most students.

Everyone begins the training wanting to develop their Will and magnetism, and the exercises are a way to get there and find this power inside of you.

That’s perfectly normal and that’s also what happened to me. I had no power, no Will, and I developed it through these kind of exercises.

This kind of naturally magnetic individual like Cus D’Amato already have this power inside. They are magnetic and they have a strong Will… and when this happens, you seek for opportunities to use it everywhere! You have this impulse that pushes you to use it, since this very same impulse reinforces it.

I assume he wasn’t taught that particular Magnetic Gaze exercise. He did it because it was one way of using and REINFORCING his power.

The impulse was pushing you to do it.

We all have “emotional addictions” to certain thoughts, behaviors and actions that we have on a daily basis. These are behaviors that reinforce what you are feeling inside. The most common of this is mindless internet browsing or binge watching netflix or scrolling social media.

When this “emotional addiction” turns to something productive, then you’ll find opportunities to reinforce what you are feeling, effortlessly increasing your power. For Cus D’Amato it was opportunities to use his magnetism and Will anywhere, anytime, hence the need for these type of exercises. I doubt the Classical Gaze Experiments were the only ones.