Handling confrontations

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“I was wondering what specific traits might help develop resilience, ability to defend and even attack if necessary on an energetic level.

I want to know how to carry my own and be the sort of man who can defend others as well. My goal is to be a positive force in this world, and I do not want to be vulnerable to violence nor have the inability to defend others. I think it’s part of being a real man.”

This is completely true.

As much as we would like to avoid it, unfortunately confrontations are part of life. One way or another you’ll be exposed to such confrontations in different situations of your life.

Maybe it’s with a coworker that doesn’t like you. Or in a social setting. Or even with family members.

One way or another you’ll need to handle them. And the way you do it, can say a lot about you.

There’s different ways to handle confrontations based on the person and situation you have in front of you.

Sometimes simply showing some empathy can go a long way and solve a tricky situation. I’ve gotten out of more than one confrontation by attempting to understand where the other person is coming from and empathise with him/her. This will avoid an escalating scenario and solve the situation in a very elegant fashion.

But sometimes you may need to have a firm Will to stand your ground and not be shaken by the other person’s Will.

And sometimes retreat is the best option, since you reach a state where victory can not be achieved – or at least not in the way that won’t compromise deeper aspects of you. You won’t need to stand your ground all the time.

To do all the above certain skills are necessary.

First inner power is always the foundational skill. If you let your emotions run the show, then who knows where a confrontation will end up. You’ll need a solid grasp over your mind, body, emotions and energy.

Then, a mastery over your Will to make sure that you can stand your ground if needed. An iron Will is required here.

And, the ability to feel both your energy and the other person’s energy can take you a long way, particularly by deciding the best course of action.

For some people you may feel that they are attacking you due to an extreme fear inside, so maybe an empathic solution can be reached very easily. While for others, you may feel an extreme aggressiveness, and hence, you’ll know that empathy can’t be a solution here.

Of course, if a confrontation reaches the physical level, then only a physical skill can help you. A martial art, a fighting sport and similar types of sports. I would recommend it even if you don’t plan to take any confrontation to the physical level. By knowing that you’re ready, it’s a way to increase your inner power and ability to be calm during a confrontation.

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the basic principles of manifestation

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Now, without attempting to advance any wild theories, I still must assert that all thinking, observing men have noticed the operation of a mental Law of Attraction, whereby “like attracts like.”

Avoiding all theories on the subject, I state the general principle that a man’s Mental Attitude acts as a magnet, attracting to him the things, objects, circumstances, environments, and people in harmony with that Mental Attitude. If we think Success firmly and hold it properly before us, it tends to build up a constant Mental Attitude which invariably attracts to us the things conducive to its attainment and materialization. If we hold the ideal of Financial Success — in short, Money—our Mental Attitude will gradually form and crystallize the MONEY ideal. And the things pertaining to Money—people calculated to help us win Money—circumstances tending to bring us Money—opportunities for making Money—in fact, all sorts of Money-things—will be attracted toward us.

You think this visionary talk, do you? Well, then, just make a careful study of any man who has attained Financial Success and see whether or not his prevailing attitude is not that of expectation of money. He holds this Mental Attitude as an ideal, and he is constantly realizing that ideal.

Fix your mind firmly upon anything, good or bad, in the world, and you attract it to you or are attracted to it in obedience to the LAW. You attract to you the things you expect, think about and hold in your Mental Attitude. This is no superstitious idea, but a firmly established, scientific, psychological fact.

To further illustrate the workings of the above LAW, “like attracts like,” and “birds of a feather flock together,” I might here present the theory which of late has been the subject of much discussion among noted psychologists, i. e., that there are thought currents in the mental realm just as there are air currents in the atmosphere, and ocean currents in the seas. For instance, there are thought currents of vice and others of virtue; thought currents of fear and others of courage; thought currents of hate and others of love; thought currents of poverty and others of wealth.

And, further than this, the person who thinks and talks and expects poverty is drawn into the poverty thought currents of the world and attracts to himself others who think and talk along the same lines; and vice versa: the person who thinks, talks and expects wealth and prosperity attracts, or is attracted to, people of wealth and comes, in time, to share their prosperity with them. I am not trying to champion this theory, but if it should be true it behooves each one of us to watch our thought and talk, getting rid of the poverty thought, and in its place substituting the wealth and prosperity thought.

Sweep out from the chambers of your mind all these miserable negative thoughts like “I can’t,” “That’s just my luck,” “I knew I’d do it,” “Poor me,” etc., and then fill up the mind with the positive, invigorating, helpful, forceful, compelling ideals of Success, Confidence, and expectation of that which you desire; and just as the steel filings fly to the attraction of the magnet, so will that which you need fly to you in response to this great natural principle of mental action—the Law of Attraction. Begin this very moment and build up a new ideal—that of Financial Success—see it mentally—expect it—demand it! This is the way to create it in your Mental Attitude.”

Although Atkison is referring to “financial success” in this quote, it’s applicable to pretty much any kind of success as the principles are universal.

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the awareness of the energy

On the last email we discussed about the amount of energy in you influencing your sexual magnetism (or personal magnetism, since the principle is the same for both).

You’ve seen that it’s not as straightforward as in: let’s do more exercises to increase the sexual energy in you. There’s more to it.

Then the other aspect we haven’t discussed is about the awareness.

This of course is the foundation of all the training since if you can’t feel it, then you can’t control it and you’ll have no idea about what you’re doing.

It’s a bit hard to know if the sexual energy is flowing correctly in you, if you can’t feel it.

How do you know?

On that situation you’ll only know by your behaviors and overall feelings in some more extreme situations. You’ll have little knowledge about it in your normal everyday life.

That’s why developing your awareness is a fundamental aspect of the training. In fact, most of our trainings in Charisma School is about becoming more aware of different parts of you.

Once you are aware, then you know what you need to change.

If you don’t recognize that you have a block in a certain part of you, then you’ll have no idea where you’ll need to work the flow of the energy.

Example: let’s say that each time you go on a date, your chest tightens, your energy contracts and stops flowing in that area almost completely. If you have no awareness of it, you’ll feel it but it won’t register in your brain. You won’t know what is happening.

While with the development of your awareness, not only you understand completely but you’ll also be able to control it once it happens and allow yourself to change this conditioning inside of you… Then, in the next events, this contraction gets weaker and weaker until you have a great energetic flow in that area – and on the rest of the body.

But this is only possible if your awareness is well developed to understand the internal workings of your energy, mind and body.

This is a bit tricky since awareness in itself won’t grow your sexual energy or magnetism, but it will allow you know exactly what you’re doing that is preventing that energy growth or to maximize it in some way.

So the awareness is your main working tool in the development of magnetism.

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