Sexual Energy and True Charisma

Last week we discussed that the ultimate purpose of magnetism is to find and live your purpose and true life path. And for that, you begin by knowing your Will and removing the internal and external blocks that you may have that are stopping you from doing what you want.

But a student asked me, what’s sexual energy’s role in this? How does sexual energy fits in finding your purpose or life path?

The work with sexual energy also requires you to have good internal awareness, inner power, and projection. You also need to unblock the energy inside and outside – to be able to project sexual energy.

So the skills you need are the same as you would need for the ultimate level of charisma.

But there is a significant difference:

The depth of training.

If all you want is to be able to attract others sexually, then your training can be a lot shorter and easier. You don’t need the same depth (and length) of training as you would if you want to go to genuine charisma.

This requires you to learn much more about the different energies, Will, and unblocking. You’ll need to focus on more energies than just sexual energy.

While in the sexual energy training, you will focus on your sexual interactions and sexual energy overall, you’ll need to go deeper than this.

So it all depends on your goals. “Just” personal or sexual magnetism is much easier and faster than truly knowing yourself and your purpose.

I also didn’t start with this intention in mind. When I started, I only wanted magnetism. I wasn’t thinking about anything else. But the training was so much deeper than I first thought, and it was giving me so much that I just kept going – and I’m still going now even after 20 years.

Personally, I want to go as deep as I can. Fortunately, you don’t need to be as obsessed as me. You can go your own pace and stick with the benefits you seek without going further. Either way, this is an incredible journey!

the power of thought

Here’s an interesting text by William Walker Atkinson:

“I have told you that the power of thought could be used in a number of ways in the direction of influencing men and gaining success. I have given you an idea of how thought operates in the direction named. Before proceeding to our next lesson, I think it well to again call your attention to the several different ways in which thought can aid you in attaining success, through the influencing of men. Thought will aid you in the following manner:

1. By the use of your positive thought force in the direction of directly influencing men in person, through the law of Suggestion. By this I mean that you will be able to interest men in your schemes and plans, enlist their aid, secure their patronage, and influence them generally. This faculty, natural to some men, can be acquired by any man or woman who has the will power and perseverance to develop it within them.

2. By the power of direct thought vibrations set in motion by your mind, which will exert a powerful effect upon the minds of others, unless they understand the secret of guarding against these forces and rendering themselves positive to others. An understanding of this law will also enable you to present a positive mental attitude toward the thought waves emanating from the minds of others.

3. By the power of the adductive qualities of thought, which works upon the theory “like attracts like.” By holding certain thoughts constantly, in your mind, you attract to you thoughts and influences of the like nature, from the great body of thought surrounding us, unseen, but all powerful. This power is one of the strongest forces in nature, and if properly used will attract assistance from the most unexpected quarters. “Thoughts are Things,” and possess a wonderful power of attracting to themselves other thought waves of the same vibratory pitch and quality.

4. By the power of thought in shaping your character and temperament to meet the requirements of your organization. You lack certain qualities needful for your success. You know it as well, if not better, than anyone else, but you have been deluded by a belief that these shortcomings were a part of you and that “the leopard cannot change his spots.” To you the study of the Law of Mental Control comes as a might ally, for you can overcome these deficiencies, and can acquire new characteristics and qualities, as well as learning how to strengthen those which you have already. I will print out the way for you, but you must do the work yourself. Every man must work out his own salvation in this study, as in every other branch of human endeavor.”

The power of thought can aid you in many more ways, but this is a nice summary by Atkinson!

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Do you feel like doing it?

I have received this question from a reader:

“How do you deal with not feeling like doing something you should be doing?”

This is a common issue these days. You know you should be doing something – even for your own improvement and goals – but somehow you don’t feel like doing it and end up procrastinating and doing something else, whether it’s youtube videos or texting with friends.

There are two points for this answer:

The first is that you should analyze your goals and objectives. Do they still reflect what you want? Do you still have a big desire to achieve them?

Sometimes we may need to establish the right goals or do it with the right motivation. Just like: “I want to make 10 billion dollars” without having the slightest idea of what exactly that is.

So, we often need to re-analyze our objectives.

Are they still in line with what you are? Are they still aligned with your Will? Do you still see them as realistic for your situation and your personality?

All these questions are essential to be asked.

The second point we need to consider is that we shouldn’t expect to feel like doing something. We shouldn’t expect the muse to strike and get inspired every day. Somedays, you’ll be quite inspired, but most days, you won’t and you just need to do what needs to be done.

As that famous William Faulkner quote: “I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning.”

Do you think any famous writers are inspired to write every single day? Of course not. Yet, they sit down and write.

Do you think any of the worldwide famous athletes are “in the mood” to train every single day? Of course not; some days, they will be tired, and other days they would undoubtedly prefer to stay another hour in bed or hang out with their friends, yet they know what’s important and do what needs to be done.

The same thing with any other true professional. They do what needs to be done. No whining, no complaints. Just do the work whether you “feel like it” or not.

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