The manifestation key

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Now, without attempting to advance any wild theories, I still must assert that all thinking, observing men have noticed the operation of a mental Law of Attraction, whereby “like attracts like.”

Avoiding all theories on the subject, I state the general principle that a man’s Mental Attitude acts as a magnet, attracting to him the things, objects, circumstances, environments, and people in harmony with that Mental Attitude. If we think Success firmly and hold it properly before us, it tends to build up a constant Mental Attitude which invariably attracts to us the things conducive to its attainment and materialization. If we hold the ideal of Financial Success—in short, Money—our Mental Attitude will gradually form and crystallize the MONEY ideal. And the things pertaining to Money—people calculated to help us win Money—circumstances tending to bring us Money—opportunities for making Money—in fact, all sorts of Money-things—will be attracted toward us.

You think this visionary talk, do you? Well, then, just make a careful study of any man who has attained Financial Success and see whether or not his prevailing attitude is not that of expectation of money. He holds this Mental Attitude as an ideal, and he is constantly realizing that ideal.

Fix your mind firmly upon anything, good or bad, in the world, and you attract it to you or are attracted to it in obedience to the LAW. You attract to you the things you expect, think about and hold in your Mental Attitude. This is no superstitious idea, but a firmly established, scientific, psychological fact.”

One thing to remember about this Aktinson quote is that it’s not just about “positive thinking”. It’s a change in your own body, energy and mind.

Everything changes in you to accommodate a new reality.

That’s the most important key to manifestation!

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Limits to manifestation

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Is there any limits to manifestation? Can you manifest anything?”

I once met a married couple (in their 60s) that were extremely lucky in everything related to gambling. They had won the lottery twice. In the casino – particularly slot machines – they won maybe 90% of the times they played. When they started to bet on sports, they won most of the time as well.

It was so ridiculous that people around them gave them money for them to bet.

They were already rich from their “normal” business, but the gambling made them even more wealthy. They weren’t billionaires, but were certainly millionaires – or at least their lifestyle reflected that.

They didn’t know anything about manifestation, energy or anything like that. If you talked to them about “the secret” they would think you were insane. But for some reason they were both extremely lucky in an activity everyone else consistently loses.

I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me. In fact, I only believe it because I witnessed it with my own eyes several times at the casino with them (I was a friend of their son) and saw the local newspaper article when they won the lottery the second time. The article also mentioned how they had won a jackpot on the casino the week before they won the lottery. What are the odds of that?

More ridiculous still: they participated in a group where they played the lottery every week together. The two times they won the lottery were the times they played on their own WITHOUT the group.

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe. And again, feel free to doubt it as I don’t have any proof to show you. But I know these people exist. And I’m sure they aren’t the only ones, although, obviously they are a very rare occurrence (otherwise every casino would be bankrupt).

This tells me that the limits to manifestation are your own beliefs (and some hard wired physical limits of course).

Most likely you won’t be able to win millions in the lottery because it’s something so extraordinary for you that you don’t believe it. For that couple, it’s their everyday life. For them, it’s not something extraordinary to win the lottery. They already did it twice!

But it needs to be “REAL belief”, not “make belief”. It’s not enough for you to now say that you believe in something when deep inside, deep your unconscious mind, you don’t really believe it.

It’s an energetic, full-body/mind belief. Just like the one that the sun will rise tomorrow. Only this way you’ll project the necessary energy to attract what you want to attract.

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Following your bliss

My last email was a text from Atkinson explaining how most people who learn how to manifest and use these rules, follow their ideas, their intuitions into the world and take action on them.

This is such an important topic that I need to address it – even if only briefly for now.

We all have intuitions that we have sometimes. It’s like a “hunch” that we need to take a certain path, or move along a certain direction in life, or do something.

This is different from a conscious or logical decision. Maybe there’s not a logical decision to follow that path. In fact, more often than not, the rational thought will tell you NOT to do it.

But there’s like a small, faint feeling that is telling you to do a certain thing.

Interestingly enough, when you do follow it, “coincidences” start to happen. It’s like you were bound to follow it. It’s part of your purpose – what you are here to do.

I can’t tell you exactly what that is, but in Will Mastery, we call it the Universal Will. A connection to your true purpose in life.

The tricky part is in recognising the right intuition and following it. It may very well be your inner voice fooling yourself. Your mental noise may prevent you from taking action and following it (“This is silly”, “There’s no logical thought in doing this”, etc.)

The only remedy I know for this is awareness. A study and development of your own internal awareness in all its facets can make you recognize what is this “Universal Will” and actually follow it.

We go a bit more in depth into this topic in Will Mastery.


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