Body Language and Personal Magnetism

Here’s a question about general personal magnetism:

“Body posture and projections can really pull people to you, speaking from several experience. Is there truth to this?”

This is undeniably true. Your external behavior and body language can influence your personal magnetism and charisma.

Yet, if that’s the only thing we work on, it’s (very) unlikely we’ll develop a strong personal magnetism.


Because this is only handling the EXTERNAL aspects and not the INTERNAL. We don’t even touch the Inner Power, Will or Energy. We only work simply on Projection.

And this way it’s doomed to failure.

There’s much more to it than just smiling more, getting an open posture, and standing up straight.

You can get some short term victories with body language, but since it will always be such a strain to keep the “farce up”, eventually you’ll return to your old ways – unless you also work on your internal aspects.

That’s why on our Level 1 course (10 Steps), we barely talk at all about projection. First you need to develop your Inner Power, your Will and the true source of charisma.

Only then, we focus on Projection with our Personal Magnetism course that covers much more than the usual advice on “smiling more, and standing up straight”.

You can get them here:

10 Steps to Inner Power

Personal Magnetism

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