Boredom in concentration training

A common mistake in concentration practices is being bored or frustrated.

This happens usually after a few weeks of practice, since in the beginning the motivation is still high. But as time goes by, boredom or frustration kicks in.

And that’s normal.

It’s not an easy practice and it has a slow buildup. So thoughts and feelings of boredom are frequent.

But just because it’s normal it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do anything about them.

That’s why we train in other aspects like inner power and energy.

Boredom and frustration are states, and they each have their own thoughts and energy signatures that you can become aware of.

And as states, we can change them. But of course, only after we’re aware of them.

The mistake is having these negative states, accept them and go with their flow.

Then you’ll quit the training after a couple more weeks when they start to pop up.

The true concentration training comes after the initial motivation period. When these negative states start to creep in and you need to manage them. This is where concentration, inner power and energy awareness come into play.

This is where you need to manage your inner voice that tells you to stop doing that and go do something more interesting.

Or when your body starts to ache everywhere and is telling you to get up.

Or when your energy is moving around you to force you to stop. Or when boredom creates a downward energy that makes you sleepy.

Before that, you’re using your motivational upward energy. All good with that! Not much effort needed indeed.

But when the negative states start to pop up… this is when the real training begins and that’s why you need to have a solid grasp at the basics before doing these type of advanced mental practices.

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