Bringing your own magnetism

On personal magnetism – or sexual magnetism, or any other type of magnetism – you are the one that bring the magnetism… not the other way around.

It seems like it’s common sense, but there’s still a lack of deep understanding on this.

You can’t expect other people to bring something out of you – whether it’s sexual energy or will or motivation. No, a magnetic individual brings those qualities with him.

You bring the energy, the motivation, the magnetism and you infuse everyone around you with it.

For example, if you’re expecting other people to make you feel sexual, then you’re not sexually magnetic.

A sexually magnetic man will make everyone else feels sexual.

It doesn’t matter who since the sexual energy is always with you and you’re always sharing with others.

Your goal is to be easily connected with it as well as sharing it (internal development and projection).

Don’t expect people to elicit it out of you. If this happens, then you are the person being influenced and not the one doing the influencing.

It doesn’t mean that certain people won’t bring more of some type of energy in you, that’s part of any interaction, but if you are never bringing and projecting your own energy to make others feel your magnetism, then you aren’t being magnetic.

The reverse is also true. If you bring negative energy – if your state is depressive or angry for example – then you are bringing this with you as well… and other people will feel that.

That’s why you feel bad when you get out of any meeting with a negative person.

Overall, you want to make sure you have a positive magnetic energy and ask yourself: “what would I like to bring out in the people I meet?”

The answer to this question is the type of magnetism you must develop in yourself, project to others and make sure that YOU are the one bringing this to the interaction – as opposed to expect someone influences you to feel something.

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