Can I attract that one person?

There’s a common question I get in many ways, shapes and forms that goes along the lines of: “What can I do to get attraction from one specific person?”

I perfectly understand where this is coming from.

There’s someone who you are attracted to or feel some affection toward and you want this person as opposed to 50 other people.

So developing sexual magnetism ends up being a means to an end, just to attract this specific person.

But that’s probably one of the worst reasons for developing sexual magnetism, as well as a way to hinder your progress on a large scale.

The problem is that when you are only focused on one specific person you activate a vampiric type of energy – a strong neediness – that hinders the abundance, expansion type of energy you need for sexual magnetism.

Magnetism thrives on expansion and abundance and dies on vampiric and contraction.

Just think about what happens when you are infatuated by that one person: your mind is heavily focused on her, and if you have any kind of energy awareness you know you feel an urge to TAKE. There’s something she has that you NEED.

You are not expanding and sharing. You are not wanting to project and share your sexual energy, you want to TAKE something from her.

So you are shooting yourself in the foot by attempting to develop sexual magnetism only with this one goal in mind.

Even though you may practice the expansion of projection, unconsciously this will be severely limited since your mind is craving for that one person, and hence, creating the neediness and contraction that is the opposite of magnetism.

As you see, you create a conflict inside yourself that hinders your overall magnetism.

That’s why I tell you that this is probably one of the worst reasons for wanting to develop sexual magnetism. Paradoxically enough, you’ll get a lot more success with this one person when you share and give away your own sexual energy, since you are removing the vampiric, needy quality of energy.

Before you misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong in focusing your efforts in one particular person that you are fond of. The problem only appears if you are feeling needy toward her and if your energy is contracting instead of expanding.

Only you can know whether this happens with you or not.

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