Can I choose who will feel my sexual energy?

Here’s a question from a reader:

“can I choose who will feel my sexual energy?”

I often have questions about sexual energy and choosing the people you are attracting.

And it’s important to clarify this point.

When you develop sexual magnetism (or personal magnetism for that matter), it’s like you are putting on a perfume: anyone can smell it.

When you go down the street, people who pass you by will smell your perfume. They may even complement you for it.

You can’t pick who you choose to smell it. It’s emanating from you and everyone smells it whether you want it or not.

Sexual energy is exactly like this.

You develop it and project it, hence, everyone around you will feel it.

So the attraction is generalized.

Of course that you can increase your intensity of sexual energy for one specific person – like when you are on a date – and this surely increases your odds tenfold with this specific person. But, when you are sexually magnetic, everyone else will feel it too – whether they know it or not.

But there’s another point of this question: it comes from a place of fear. You ask that because either you fear that others know that you are a sexual man or you fear their reactions to your sexuality.

If you are afraid of others feeling that you are a sexual man it means that there’s an inherent shame toward your sexuality. Then it will be very hard (dare I say impossible?) to develop and project your own sexuality.

Sexual magnetism thrives on expanding and sharing your own sexual energy with others without shame, guilt or fear.

It’s a radical acceptance of the sexual energy you feel inside.

Instead of repressing your own energy, you accept it. Only then can it be projected into the world.

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