Can others see your seed of magnetism?

There are many individuals who are truly beautiful. Both men and women. They have perfect symmetry in the face and proportions in the body.

In fact, you open instagram and you find thousands of them who now monetize their genetic (and often surgical!) gifts.

This is also easily seen in Hollywood and overall movie casting. Beautiful men and women in there are a dime a dozen. They all want to be movie stars and break it into this industry.

The fame and money involved are too good to ignore.

Just ask any casting director.

They will tell you how many beautiful people they see in any given day. Yet, not all of them become movie stars.

Not even 5%!

It’s also not about their acting skills. Theaters are filled with talented artists, yet most of them can barely afford rent every month.

Modeling is the same thing. Sure that certain physical attributes are essential, but plenty of people never make the cut despite having what is physically required.

If beauty was all it took to break it into an industry, everything will be a lot easier.

But that’s not it.

Casting directors, modeling agency directors and people in high-stakes decision making soon learn that they need to go beyond looks. They need to go beyond the physical requirements.

It’s easy to understand why. If each time you post an ad for a movie casting you got 5000 replies of perfectly shaped, gorgeous men and women, you too would need to look beyond these physical requirements.

Just because you are beautiful it doesn’t mean you are magnetic and people will naturally be drawn to you. Particularly in the presence of dozens of others equally beautiful.

It takes more than physical looks in order to stand out.

A good casting director will see the seed of magnetism beyond the looks. The so called “x-factor”. Is this person more than a good looking face?

Can she draw people to her? Does she project a good amount of energy that everyone around her can feel?

That’s the crucial difference!

Seeking for that diamond inside.

Although in here we are talking about magnetism in an industry that is shaped through physical appearances, the same thing happens in most corporate jobs.

In any reasonably competitive industry you’ll find plenty of candidates that are equally suited. They have the hard skills and the resume to back it up. How do you decide?

Remember that – for now – humans are making that decision.

And because of it, they are prone to the influence of your own personal magnetism.

Even if you don’t have such a glowing resume as most candidates, your magnetism will make you stand out from the pile.

They see an inner light glowing from inside of you that can’t be ignored!

Fortunately or unfortunately, personal magnetism continues to be a HUGE part of any selection of candidates. Someone with personal magnetism will always have an advantage over others.

That’s indeed not fair, but that’s how it is. You can choose to be angry at reality, or you can choose to accept it, or you can choose to do something about it.

I chose to do something about it!

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