How can stress and tension make you stronger

The value of tension and stress is severely undervalued in our current society where everything is comfortable and easy.

Being comfortable is obviously needed for a balanced life. You can’t be uncomfortable and stressed all the time.

You would only burn out.

But being comfortable doesn’t push you forward and make you grow. Tension and stress is needed to improve you in different ways.

Then, how can you balance a comfortable and healthy life with a certain amount of tension and stress that moves you forward, making you stronger?

By having focused stress and tension in precise areas you are interested in growing.

The concept and training of tension energy we develop in Charisma School is a perfect example of this.
You create a short-term induced stress in your energy body so it can expand.

The inner power training also uses the same principle. In several steps you are inducing stress in some areas of your life so that those areas can expand.

Certain warriors from tribes inoculated themselves against venom of poisonous animals that were constantly killing their tribe members by taking a very small amount of the venom and increasing the amount until their body could take a normal bite from a poisonous animal.

The whole industry of exercise, fitness and bodybuilding is based on this principle alone.

You’re inducing short-term stress on the muscles, and little by little, the muscles get accustomed to the new weights, making you stronger and making you handling more weight.

You may be thinking: “But I already have enough stress in my job/relationships/family. For me to increase this even further would be suicide!”

This stress that you may be feeling is the “bad” stress. It’s a constant feeling of tension. Something that is never resolved and is constantly on your mind and body.

This constant stress creates several problems in your body and is different from the tension and stress
that we are discussing here.

You need to be able to manage this “bad” stress, reducing it to a bare minimum. We do this with the
mental transformation from the 10 Steps to Inner Power training.

What I’m discussing here is a short-term induced stress to make you grow in a specified area.

In bodybuilding, it’s well known that if you are constantly training your muscles you stop your evolution.

This is called over training. Your muscles can’t handle a permanent stress. Only short-term stress. Then they need time to recover.

It’s the same with everything else that uses this principle.

Either way, knowing how to induce stress in different areas so you can get stronger as well as managing the stress induced by life itself are two necessary skills for your life.

Understand the value of tension and stress with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training:

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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