Can we feel the different energies of another person?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can we feel the different energies of another person?”

Of course we can!

Just like anyone can feel yours. That’s the whole principle of magnetism.

You are projecting a certain energy that other persons can feel. The thing is: you are ALWAYS projecting a certain energy.

This energy can be stronger or weaker, which means that others can feel more or it or less of it. If they feel less of it, then you probably won’t cause a great impact in them; if they feel more of it, then the impact can be a lot bigger.

Then, considering you are projecting a strong energy, the impact you have on another person depends on the QUALITY of this energy.

If it’s heavily sexual, then you will have a strong sexual impact on another person.

The quality of the energy is what gives the “color” of your impact. Some people have a strong depressive energy, guess what kind of impact you will have?

But, although you are training this energy, its projection and its qualities, everyone naturally emits a certain QUANTITY of energy with a certain QUALITY.

It can change in your day to day, but it tends to varie only between certain limits. Just think about your own influencing skills and how they change in your day to day life. Some days you can have a larger influence, but it usually stays within a range.

Now, everyone else is the exact same!

They have an energy that is projected with a certain QUANTITY (stronger or weaker) which has a certain QUALITY, that everyone can feel when they are interacting with this person.

Naturally, without energy awareness and the knowledge of your own states, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is happening.

Most people are completely oblivious to the energy in itself, they only feel its emotional effects:

“I’m attracted by this person”

“This person makes me feel really depressed”

“He irritates me”

And so on.

But the more energetically aware you are, the more you have a certain vocabulary to feel and express whatever you are feeling, not only from yourself, but also from everyone around you.

So you understand the type of energy that other person is projecting that makes you feel depressed or attracted (or whatever other state). You understand its different shades, qualities and quantity. With all the obvious benefits this brings.

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