Can you actually do it? Are you really convinced?

On the last email I’ve written about addictions and how the Will needs to be in control whenever you want, stopping everything without a hassle.

If you haven’t read it, read it here.

But it’s very easy to fool yourself on this situation.

It’s very easy to say to yourself that you can easily quit smoking for a year, or be able to fast for a week, or something along these lines.

But… You can only know for a fact that you are able to do it, after you have done it, and particularly, after you have done it many times.

There’s really no other way around it.

I couldn’t say that I’m a talented musician if I have never played in my life, right?

It’s the same with the Will.

You’ll need to repeatedly do it, for as many times as you need until you are convinced that you aren’t addicted to anything. Until you are convinced that your Will really rules over your body, mind and energy.

You require a TRUE conviction. Something that can only come after many trials and tribulations.

Only then you know without the shadow of a doubt that you have inner power, that your Will really is a General and rules over your mind, body and energy.

That’s why we have several tests in 10 Steps to Inner Power as well as in the Act of Will training.

I’ve met some people boasting about their strong Will only to NOT be able to do these things when they really need to.

And that’s not the mark of a strong Will or a strong inner power.

It’s just a defense mechanism of your lower self protecting your ego from a blow.

“I could do it if I wanted to” – but if you never come around to doing it, can you actually do it?

Remember that your body, mind and energy are the soldiers. They must there for the machine to work, but the General – or the Will – is the true leader. The General commands his troops to do whatever he wants.

That’s Inner Power – when the higher self (truly) rules over the lower self.

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