Can you attract everyone with sexual magnetism?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“With sexual magnetism can you attract everyone?”

I’ve often compared sexual magnetism with a perfume.

You spread it around, and everyone can smell it.

So you can’t really choose who will or won’t smell it. It reaches the noses of everyone.


Not everyone will like it the same way.

Some people will be fundamentally drawn to it. Others, will love it. Others will simply like it.

And there will be others who won’t like it or that will hate it.

Of course, we develop sexual magnetism in a way that the majority of people will love it. That’s our goal, to make the perfume “mainstream”.

Naturally, some people won’t like it. Or will be afraid of it. Or will have a negative association to it.

Or… they will love it but can’t admit or act on it due to personal reasons.

Either way, there is no perfume that will be loved by everyone. The same with magnetism – whether sexual or personal.

If you look at any magnetic individual – regardless of the type of magnetism – they will have a large following, but will always have a set of haters.

That’s part of it and actually good news!

It means you are certainly projecting something.

As much as you (and me) would like, you can’t please everyone. Only a majority of the people around you.

And that’s our goal. Not to attract and seduce everyone, but to project around you the equivalent of a “mainstream perfume”.

With time, experience and practice, you are able to tweak your magnetism to a specific person or a specific situation. In other words, you can be more magnetic with that specific person.

This is like saying: so this person doesn’t like a perfume with roses, so I’ll put on a “leathery” perfume that he or she will like it best.

But that’s on a more advanced level.

Now, the goal is to create and a project “mainstream” magnetism, which is a lot easier to do than a specific type of energy.

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