Can you attract that particular person?

I often get asked if learning sexual energy can make them attract any particular person. Let’s say someone they have interacted with regularly for several years.

My answer is often yes, but not the way you think.

Usually, this person will probably be the hardest you can attract. There are already huge blocks and desperation, as well as contracting energy.

You will need plenty of awareness and release work just to get some sexual energy out there. And still, you’ll need to battle the friend zone you are in, in the other person’s mind.

So, it’s an uphill battle. Much harder than it has to be.

You can develop sexual energy and get attraction from others in much more accessible ways.

And, by giving time and distance from the other person, you may return one day and succeed. But, it won’t be as immediate as you might like.

So, unfortunately, it’s not the answer most people expect. But it’s a lot easier to become sexually magnetic overall and attract so many others than to attract someone with who you already have so much energetic and mental baggage.

That’s why I recommend not having anyone in mind when developing sexual energy and simply focusing on the overall energy. You’ll be a lot more successful this way.

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