Can you be cursed?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can you be negatively influenced by someone else? Like a curse or black magic?”

There is much to be said about this topic, but I’ll bring William Walker Atkinson as an aid to answer this question:

“I do not deny that material objects take up and absorb the magnetism of the people, good and bad – for that is a well established occult truth, and the efficacy of charms, sacred relics, etc, depends upon this fact, together with the aid of suggestion.

But I do say that all the charms in the world – all the witchcraft and Voodoo material agencies – can produce no other effect than is allowed.

Fear and belief determines the degree of receptivity to such influences”


The persons who are affected by “adverse treatments” or “witchcraft” or similar forms of adverse influence, invariably believe and fear that these influences are effective against them.

By their mental states they render themselves negative and receptive to the influences directed against them

If people would only assert their individual power as centers of power they would surround themselves with such a positive protective aura that the waves of adverse vibrations would beat against them without ever reaching within their mental structure.”

Atkinson described the problem and the cure.

Even if the negative influence doesn’t come from a “curse or black magic”, but instead comes from someone who is already a negative person and – by consequence – negatively influences everyone around them, the “cure” is the same.

Increasing your own inner power, the quality of your mental states and your own magnetism.

Then the negative influences, whether by “curses” or simply by negative people – who are everywhere! – will bounce back and not affect you the slightest.

You can’t control what other people emanate and project, but you can control whether you are affected by them or not.

As you improve yourself, your own magnetism and inner power, you also develop a great power of protection and self-defense.

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