Can you be magnetic in a crowd?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can you be magnetic in a big crowd like a football stadium?”

Unless you are performing in some way in front of that crowd, it’s very hard to stand out with your magnetism in that type of environment – but not impossible.

This type of collective energy tends to be too big to overcome with your own individual energy.

Most people – not the performers – who stand out in this type of environment either have distinctive looks or tend to stand out by screaming and trying to lead a group of people in the localized area they are in.

Either way, it’s rarely about the strength of their own energy.

In other words, no one will feel your energy when you are sitting down quietly. While in a different context – with a weaker collective energy -, this can frequently happen.

But the normal exchange of energy in a stadium type of environment, is that your energy will tend to be quickly overpowered by the collective energy of thousands of people around you.

That’s also the reason many people love going to concerts or sports matches.

Their own individual energy get synced with the collective energy. You join a large flowing wave. Whatever problem or negativity you are feeling can quickly be forgotten when you enter that type of environment.

Your own energy changes into that collective energy.

(The problem is that on the next day you’ll still be the same and all your negativity is still there)

But in terms of personal magnetism, it doesn’t matter how powerful your energy is, you can’t overpower this type of collective energy, or at least not without a powerful and distinctive projection source (conspicuous looks, powerful voice, movements, among others).

This is different if you are actually performing for that crowd. Then your magnetism stands out and influences the thousands of people watching you.

That’s why these type of performers don’t need to try very hard to be magnetic and charismatic.

Just with one stadium performance they influence thousands of people at once. Just imagine the kind of energy you can gain from it.

Unfortunately, not many people will have the opportunity to perform in a stadium in front of thousands of people, so we still need other ways to increase our own personal magnetism.

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