Can you combine energies?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“There’s a big distinction between the two types of magnetism. I like some parts of the personal magnetism and other parts of the sexual magnetism.

So my question is…can you combine the distinct qualities that come from personal magnetism into sexual magnetism, and vice-versa?”

I believe your question can be answered in a different way than you original intended. Instead of “combining” different energies, you may think more in terms of “adjusting” the energy quality.

Both of these types of magnetism – sexual magnetism and personal magnetism – have a specific energetic signature.

When you work with tension energy (the energetic source of personal magnetism) or sexual energy (the energetic source of sexual magnetism) they make you feel different inside;

Tension energy is more vigorous and alive, while sexual energy is more pleasurable and smooth.

This is the same as their external effects with others. Sexual energy will naturally generate a sexual feeling in others around you, while personal magnetism a vital and lively feeling.

These are important differences that must be felt as you work with them.

But… this energy will be felt (internally and externally) differently from person to person. Most likely, if your next door neighbor go through the same Sexual Energy Mastery training he won’t feel the exact same thing as you – even though the source energy is the same.

In other words, you feel the same basic qualities, but the energy will be used and felt differently by each individual.

It’s like I tell you to use blue in a painting, but I don’t tell you which shade of blue you should use, so you use the one that suits your painting better or the one you prefer.

It still has the same characteristics of blue – everyone who sees your painting, will still say that color is blue -, but you are using a different tone.

In terms of energy this “tone”, it’s quality you are giving in to the energy.

For example sexual energy can have a very raw or primal quality, or it can have a very romantic quality. They are both sexual, but this sexuality will be expressed differently.

Same energy, different qualities.

If you observe several sexual magnetic individuals you can see all these differences and you notice the different shades sexual energy can take – yet, you’ll feel the sexuality from all of them, even if it takes different forms.

In fact, this is something all Magnetic Gaze Level 3 students will know very well, since the whole purpose of the training is in achieving different qualities from the same energy.

When you begin your magnetic training, one “shade” of sexual energy will come more natural to you. But the same way this one shade came natural to you, you can experiment with others.

You don’t have to be stuck with that for the rest of your life any more than you can only use one shade of blue in your paintings.

In a different context a different type of energy will probably be more suitable, and it’s important that you can switch between them.

Start discovering your sexual energy with Sexual Energy Mastery!

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