Can you define the Will in simple terms?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Can you explain what the will is all about in simple terms?”

I can understand the frustration. The Will is not easy to define or to understand. You need to experience it to fully get it.

It’s a trait that you’ll only completely understand with your experience. I can write 50 books about the Will explaining it from different angles, but no one will get until they they experience it and start to work with it.

It’s a deep rooted power inside of you. The source of your self.

But in simple words: the Will is all about 100% deciding what your actions are going to be. It’s about ACTION vs REACTION.

That’s the basic aspect with the Will.

Understand this and you have understood the Will.

And it’s deeper than what it looks at first glance.

You may say: “But I always decide my actions!”. Well… you need to think carefully about this. Do you really?

Or are you reacting to your thoughts, to your emotions, to your energy, to the actions of others, to external events?

In most people, we can easily say that in that situation that person is going to have that behavior and feel that emotion. He is reacting.

Maybe you are afraid of public speaking. Then if I place you in front of an audience, I know exactly how you will react – with anxiety. So in that situation, are you using your Will? Of course not, you are simply reacting to your thoughts, emotions and energy in that context.

You are not being willful, you are not having an independent mind and power. You are reacting to something.

The Will is about feeling whatever you are feeling, thinking whatever you are thinking, and not being forced to react in some way.

It’s about having a choice.

You may still feel the nervousness and anxiety, the emotions and thoughts can still be there, but you are not identified with them. You have a choice to follow them or to create a different path.

You can have an impulse to go watch TV instead of working on a certain project you want to do. You can feel the impulse, but you don’t need to follow it just because it’s inside of you. You don’t avoid it in a repressing way, you aren’t pushing it down only to come back later. No, quite the opposite. You fully accept it, but without acting on it.

You take a different action. One that suits your true purpose.

When you repeat this with many thoughts, many emotions, many impulses, you create a freedom you’ve never experienced before.

That’s true power.

That’s when you become a master of the Will.

That’s exactly what we train with a specific process and exercises in the course:
>>> Will Mastery

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