can you describe your energy?

Talking (or writing) about energy it’s always difficult.

I’m attempting to put into words something which has no concrete expression. It’s a feeling inside.

And a subtle feeling.

So it will always be hard to describe. That’s why I often resort to analogies or metaphors. Our language doesn’t have words for it.

It’s similar, for example, to the different focused states of mind. We only have one word for it: concentration. Or focus – which means almost the same in English.

Now we also have “mindfulness” which popped up fairly recently.

But how would you describe what it is being concentrated? What do you feel inside? It’s not very clear cut.

Yet, for example in Pali, there are many words for different focused states of mind. They are not synonyms. Each word corresponds to a precise state of mind with different traits.

Every word has subtle, yet important differences, that master meditators understand perfectly.

In one of the very first energy awareness exercises I ask you to describe – using words – what you are feeling. That’s on purpose.

As you are attempting to put on to words what you are feeling, you are moving from the territory of the unconscious to the conscious.

You are creating a link between the conscious and unconscious mind.

And this is quite important in your training.

Your energy is flowing inside of you whether you are conscious of it or not. It’s always there, like any of your bodily functions (like breathing, digestion, etc).

In energy training, you bring it to your awareness. You understand what’s happening inside of you and the underlying dynamics of the energy movements.

First by feeling it – the very first awareness step – if you don’t feel it, you sure won’t be able to do anything with it.

And second, by describing it: put into words. As a side note, that’s also why the journal is so important – it forces you to put your experiences into words.

Describing the energy creates an extra layer of control and precision.

Of course you will still be able to control the energy by the awareness alone – as long as you feel it, you can control it -, but putting into words forces you to pin point exactly what you are doing.

Your control increases – as well as your energy awareness. It forces you to dig deeper into it.

It’s like a culinary chef trying to distinguish the different ingredients from something he is tasting. It forces his awareness to be as precise as possible and the power of his taste buds increase in the process.

And that’s something invaluable for your energy control!

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