can you dodge negative events?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Will a master magnetic person be able to dodge life’s negative events?”

That’s a very common question and also misunderstanding of what it means to be magnetic (and a master).

There are some bullets you can dodge but you can’t dodge them all.

You can fix recurring negative patterns of your life or spot negative situations much better than the next person since you are able to sense and see many of the warnings most people can’t.

You are aware and your eyes are fully open. This allows you to avoid SOME pitfalls, particularly those you are constantly repeating (and yes, we all have them!).

But that doesn’t mean negative events won’t happen in your life.

Some negative events are pretty much unavoidable. Whether you are magnetic or not, life has a way of throwing negative events at you.

That’s part of it!

For example, regardless of much of a master magnetic man you are, you would still get caught up in the confinement and all the craziness that is taking place due to the corona virus.

It doesn’t matter how strong your magnetism is, you would still need to be confined. Of course, you can defy your country’s law but then you risk a whole load of consequences.

So you are suffering a loss of freedom and overall negative consequences that derive from it – regardless of your magnetism.

The difference is in the way you handle it.

A master magnetic man doesn’t identify with these negative events. He may step on a piece of crap but he won’t identify as a person stepping on a piece of crap. He sees it for what it is: a negative event…. not something that pulls him down, or changes his own inner power.

The inner power is strong, so he knows how to handle whatever life throws his way, regardless of how hard it is.

Of course, if you sense the negative event coming and you can do something to avoid it, you obviously will. But that’s not always possible. So the solution is to be able to handle it in a powerful way.

So being a master magnetic man it’s not about dodging life’s negative events, it’s about being able to handle whatever happens.

That’s the true inner power.

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