Can You Evolve?

Most people understand charisma as a way to get influence over others. And that’s indeed an important part of it that we often discuss.But in Charisma School we understand charisma in a much broader way.

The path to charisma is a path to your own personal evolution.

To grow as a human being.

This is not just about material goods or external success. That’s only a consequence of your internal evolution. It’s about evolving your consciousness to the next level.

You can remain stuck in the same old patterns all your life, or you can evolve.

That’s our goal.

The patterns of your life are seen very clearly in your external relationships with other people. You are intimidated usually by the same kind of persons and situations. You react in a similar way to the same kind of people. You clash with the same kind of personalities.

This becomes clearer and clearer as you become older and experience more situations. If you have enough insight to look under the surface level, you begin to see the same kind of patterns repeating over and over again.

If, while in school, you had problems with one specific very authoritative teacher, and then with one authoritative co-worker, and then with one authoritative boss, most likely this problem will continue throughout life.

Except if you understand and change it. You have to deal with it in a different way than you’ve been dealing until now. Transcend it and evolve!

Most people go through life experiencing these exact same patterns until they die.

And that’s a shame, because you never truly get past your own limitations and experience a different and better way to live.

If you ever want to evolve and grow past these patterns, you need to change your mind, energy and body. To behave, think and act in a different way than you’ve been doing all these years.

And that’s the big picture of what we do in Charisma School.

On a more down to earth level, you gain influence, you gain power, you overcome limitations. But that’s only a consequence of your own personal evolution and increased awareness.

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