Can you feel the sexual energy from someone?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can you feel the sexual energy from someone?”

When you increase and develop your own sexual energy, you are also able to feel the sexual energy of someone else.

When you train your sexual energy you are also training your organs of perception. You train them to recognize when sexual energy is present in you or when it’s not.

And, when you start to project it to the outside world, it’s not a big stretch to your organs of perception to start to feel the sexual energy of others.

You just expand your perception and awareness a bit more through specific exercises.

The most critical challenge is to differentiate the projections sexual energy of other people from your own attraction.

In other words, is someone else actually projecting sexual energy or are you simply attracted to him or her?

Even if it can be both situations (you are attracted to someone who is projecting sexual energy), you would be wise to differentiate it. Otherwise, you will mostly only recognize sexual energy on those who elicit attraction in you.

This will be a dangerous bias for your own energetic evolution.

Very often you’ll find someone projecting sexual energy which is not your typical attractive man or woman. And you sure want to know more about it so you can learn how he or she does it. How exactly is this person projecting sexual energy? What are his projection sources?

This type of observations can be a great learning experience to further improve your own sexual magnetism!

But you do need to be objective in your observations and put your personal bias and attractiveness preferences aside, otherwise you wouldn’t even look at this person.

This is particularly evident when observing the sexual energy of people of the same sex – considering your are straight – and the opposite sex – considering you are gay.

You wouldn’t ever be attracted to people of the same sex, but by feeling their sexual energy, you are able to learn important lessons to improve your own projection.

By being OBJECTIVE in your awareness and perception, you can be able to feel very accurately whether someone is sexually magnetic or not.

We have designed two specific trainings for that:

In Sexual Energy Mastery you develop the ability to feel and increase your own sexual energy, while in Become a Sexual Man you focus specifically on projection (and also feeling someone else’s energy).

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