Can you feel worse?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“In The Unblocking Process can you unblock something that makes you feel worse? Can you feel worse than before?”

The Unblocking Process is a powerful process that goes to the root cause of certain issues that you’ve had for years.

For that, it uses an energetic and bodily process to heal those issues.

Through your body and energy, you become aware of different layers of feelings and internal blockages that prevent you to do what you want to do.

And indeed it’s true that when you go to the core and explore these strong feelings buried deep in your body and energy you often feel worse than before.

I’m not going to use sugar coat in here: when they come up, they can be violent and rough.

It doesn’t necessarily happens always like this, but it can happen.

You can feel worse than before.

After all, you are bringing them into your present awareness, when before they were only residual feelings with expression in certain situations.

Like for example, paralyzing anxiety on a date, or mind numbing shyness.

So when you bring up the root causes of those issues, you can feel worse than before since you’re allowing their full and unconditional expression.

But that will be a TEMPORARY situation.

As you continue with the process, you will feel much better than before, since the negativity that was lurking was purged from your body.

You bring it into your awareness, and you handle it.

The difference is having a few days of feeling worse and then an improvement versus a lifetime of constant negativity and constant residual negative feelings.

Some people prefer the numbness and avoidance of facing what’s inside.

There’s no judgment there. Sometimes it can really be an herculean task to do it; and staying in the comfort zone is a safer option.

For me, the answer of what I prefer and choose everyday is obvious. Diving as deep as possible into the depths of my being and unblock whatever I can find.

That’s what we do in The Unblocking Process.

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