Using sexual energy is not bad or good.

It’s an energy.

Just like a knife, for example. It can be used to cut a rope that stands in the way of freedom or to harm someone.

Or to simply cut a steak. It can be a useful tool in your day to day life.

But the knife itself is not good or bad.

You can think sexual energy the same way.

Inherently, it’s not a tool to manipulate others nor to harm anyone.

Your intention makes it “good” or “bad”. Manipulative or meaningful.

Can you use it for your evil manipulation purposes? Of course you can.

Just like you can pickup a knife and harm someone today.

It’s all about your intention.

But, sexual energy, if anything, it’s an energy that allows you to have much more meaningful interactions with others.

If sexual energy is flowing in an interaction, it means you don’t have any blocks into feeling what you should be feeling from that interaction at that particular time.

Energy is flowing inside you and the other person, and both of you are feeling great. Not anxious or depressed, but instead radiating positive and nice energy.

It’s also an energy that needs to be handled and used in the best way for you.

Very easily sexual energy can be used at this very moment to harm you. Not because someone is using it against you, but because you don’t know how to handle it.

If you are repressing it, then it can manifest itself negatively in the form of anxiety, depression, or even physical illnesses.

This type of self-harm with sexual energy is much more common than the bad manipulative uses that sexual energy can have.

Not knowing how to handle sexual energy is a much bigger problem.

That’s why sexual energy can’t be ignored. It needs to be understood and handled in the best possible way for you.

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