Can you make your eyes more attractive?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can you really make your eyes more attractive?”

Your eyes truly are the “window of the soul”.

They can express what you are and what you are feeling

Why does this happen?

Because the eyes automatically project your overall energy.

When you are unhealthy for some reason, you can notice it through the eyes.

They can be clouded, without vitality or numb. Either way, it’s very obvious to know when someone is (or can be) sick.

When you are depressed or feeling emotionally negative, the eyes will also express it.

But the same way, when you are motivated and energetic, the eyes will tell you.

They look alive and bright. It’s like they shine though your energy.

So can you make the eyes look more attractive?

Sure! It’s simply a matter of:

1) Learn how to project more energy through your eyes – maximize their power of expression and projection – which you can do through a set of exercises that make it easy to bring energy to your eyes and hence, project it to the outside world.


2) Change your own internal energy: if you do all the above exercises but you still feel depressed and negative overall, obviously the eyes will project that. Your energetic state must be radically different.

It’s not a miracle or magic.

It’s only a matter of work and practice specific exercises. If you start to exercise your eyes and to change your own internal energy, then it’s inevitable that your eyes will become more attractive.

To develop this eyes trait, we have created the Magnetic Gaze Foundations training where you can learn this amazing skill through a structured program.

No magic required, just practice!

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