Can you move objects with your mind?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“why is it so hard to affect physical reality with energy? Like moving objects or influencing water and so on”

It’s indeed hard to accomplish something like telekinesis.

Once you understand energy and its workings as we do in the Vitality and Energy Training, you’ll also understand why is it so hard.

Particularly the knowledge about the different planes.

Moving objects with your energy (or mind) implies that you have sufficient energetic power to move from the energetic plane to the physical plane.

In other words, your energy must materialize in the physical plane somehow.

Overall, your energy transforms itself into an energy that is present in our physical reality (like actual physical magnetism, electricity, heat, among others)

That’s the hard part.

While with other living beings – like humans or animals – it tends to be a lot easier, as we do in pretty much in all our trainings but specifically in the Magnetic Gaze Level 2 where we actually put a cat to sleep or influence a plant.

Why is it easier with other living beings?

Because you don’t need to immediately influence a different plane of being.

With another human (or living being), you can influence directly the energy plane, which then has repercussions on the physical plane.

You are already energetically communicating with all the other humans and living beings. An exchange of energy is already taking place, we just use the energy to our own goals and purpose.

So you don’t need that much energetic power in order to do it.

You just need to learn how to connect with your energy, and you don’t need THAT much skill or training time for it.

While with something like moving an object, your energy needs to be strong enough (and you need to have different skills) to directly influence a different plane than the one it resides.

That’s why it’s harder.

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