If You Can’t Control Your Mind, Someone Else Will

A strong Will gives you control of your own self. Of you own mental, bodily and emotional processes. It puts you at helm of your life.The teachings of the Will had been one of the most important ones I’ve had until now. Before learning this, I was like a leaf in the wind, going where the wind pushed me. Now, I feel fully in control of my own life.

It’s not like bad things don’t happen once you develop your Will. Of course they do; they happen to everyone. But you’ll feel in complete control of my your abilities to endure them for as long as they take.

The powerful Will always starts with control over your self and your own mind. If you can’t control your your mind, someone else will.

Everyone tries to control your mind. From the notifications of your phone, to the emails that keep dropping in, to the billboards on the street, to the interruptions at your work, to your phone that keeps ringing, to the politicians that tell you how to think.

Everyone is telling you what to pay attention to, what to read, what to think. Unless you have a firm hand over your mind, your attention, your thoughts and Will, someone else will control your mind for you.

And the next thing you notice, the whole day has passed and you haven’t done anything significant.

William Walker Atkinson wrote it better than anyone else:

“Assert your Self to be an Individual Entity, instead of a knock-kneed invertebrate, bolstered up at every turn by all sorts of unhealthy, weakening devices. The Magnetic WILL can only be cultivated by constant practice, when instead of being the playing thing of Fate of Circumstance, you become the wire puller, and order your own Circumstance.”

That’s the goal of the new Concentration and Mind Control training.

It’s not just to “simply” strengthen your attention (as good as it may be) like those simple brain games you play online. No, the goal is much bigger. It’s to give you a great amount of control over yourself and your own mind and body. To not allow anyone else to control you and gain the command of your life.

More information here:
>>> Concentration and Mind Control

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